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My name is John Alexander, Brand Consultant at Combo Kitchen. I’m reaching out to you because I think your restaurant could be a great fit for our partner program. Unlike other ghost kitchens that offer virtual brands (that have never been heard of), we only provide you with well-recognized restaurant brands to add to your existing restaurant for delivery and take-out only.
Our corporate trainers will fully train you and your kitchen staff to prepare the food from these nationally recognized brands. You continue to operate your restaurant under your current brand and provide the same food to your customers. These are simply additional menu items that you prepare for delivery and take out, behind the scenes. Simply add more revenue to your business without having to add any additional rent or payroll and immediately raise your revenue but more importantly your profits.
New restaurants are partnering with us each day. If interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please feel free to book the best date and time to speak, by clicking on the following live calendar link:

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